by Georgia Fairweather


Georgia Fairweather

An accomplished and results-focused innovator, Georgia has been involved in the financial technology, innovation and start-up space since 2016 when she was introduced to Little Tokyo Two; Brisbane’s first co-working space and accelerator.

After attending London Fintech week in 2017, she joined the Blockchain technology company Block. one based in China. Block. one is the developer of EOSIO, one of the worlds most used public blockchain network platforms, and famously conducted the world’s largest token sale raising $4.2 billion USD.

While at Georgia led the events team of the fastest growing startup story over the next three years, she managed multi-million dollar budget conferences, community events and hackathons in Japan, Korea, China, the United Kingdom, America and South Africa. During this period she worked closely with Blockchain leaders including; Brock Pierce, Mike Novogratz, Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer.

After developing an extensive knowledge base of the Blockchain and startup space with, Georgia turned her focus on building her own business based in London. In partnership with her global thought-leader mother, Dr Jane Thomason, Georgia started Fintech Worldwide. Fintech Worldwide went on to successfully run London Fintech Week, London Blockchain Week and London Digital Impact Week. 

Georgia Fairweather

In April 2020, Fintech Worldwide was acquired by Fintech.TV, a thought leadership media platform covering Blockchain, digital assets, and Impact Investing. Fintech.TV broadcasts globally out of major stock exchanges, including New York and London. Throughout 2020, Georgia was an on-screen host on ‘The Impact’, focusing on technology, sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance Investing. She also developed her own segment on Fintech TV, ‘Millennials Matters’ targeting millennial audiences and investors.  

Since returning to Australia due to the global pandemic, Georgia has been working to utilize her unique experience in financial technology to further the interests of Australian charities and developing innovation channels across social media that focus on bringing the latest in Blockchain and tech insights to millennial investors.

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